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Mike Will is the founder of the Shooters community, which hosts photography and creative meets around the world, showcasing the most talented as well as up-and-coming shooters. The Shooters collective is made up of over 35 creatives from 12 pages in the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Pacific Northwest, New York, Southwest, Philadelphia and the Netherlands!

The @uk.shooters page launched in late 2016 after Mike started hosting unique creative events and building the page, not only as a social platform, but a real-life community and recognisable brand. UK Shooters has quickly amassed a highly engaged following and an impressive 850k posts under the hashtags #uk_shooters and #uk_ports.

The meets are highly anticipated and have been hugely successful. They aren’t just about the photography, it’s for people to vibe and network with like-minded creatives; we are photographers, videographers, graphic designers and regular folk who simply appreciate visually aesthetic content. 

Mikes leadership skills have helped grow the Shooters community around the world with a highly engaged core audience of 220,000 people, across 9 major global cities, and a worldwide network of over 35 established professional content creators with a combined following of over 2.2million, trust Shooters to collaboratively create your content, and enable your business to connect with a whole new audience.

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